Project "Agriculture without chemical spraying"

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY for entrepreneurs looking for interesting ideas and/or technologies for their business plans. 

We have now successfully completed many years of research, including testing in real conditions, of "Environmentally-friendly non-toxic sprays for agriculture". It involves the sale of licenses for the comprehensive antimicrobial treatment of agricultural crops in outdoor field and greenhouse farming using antimicrobially stabilized water.

It consists in influencing the energy flows in water molecules using the nanotechnology treatment we have developed, including the retention of this energy in a wet/water environment depending on the specific application. At the same time, our know-how based on nanotechnological solutions allows adjusting the resulting effect to a specific species, group, etc. of microorganisms, thus also introducing a gradual microbial balance into the soil biome. This results in better germination activity and nutrient acquisition by the crops grown, consequently better yields with higher quality, but above all a gradual elimination of all diseases and an increase in the humus content in soil.

Our offer applies to the following areas:

  • agricultural crops for field farming – cereals, potatoes, vegetables, and strawberries
  • orchards – fruit trees 
  • greenhouse farming – vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Description of some of the area tests carried out on crops:  

  • Banana plant (Cavendish type)
  • Asian rice (Oryza sativa)
  • Grape vine (Blauer Portugieser, Sauvignon Blanc, Dornfelder) 

We have carried out the testing below with a product based on metal oxide nanoparticles. The test product is 100% non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, and its adaptation to the various types of diseases and crops is set up during the manufacturing process.

Banana plant (Cavendish type)

In many countries, this crop is a major source of nutrition, with a consumption of up to 0.5 kg person/day. The production is significantly threatened by a fundamental problem, i.e. diseases. In the wild, the original banana plant grew and produced fruits for 15 to 20 years. Nowadays, due to diseases, the crop production period has been reduced to about 2 years. After this time, new plants must be set to grow. Crops grown in this way are treated with about 40 chemical sprays per year, excluding inflorescence.

Our tests using the environmentally-friendly and non-toxic spray applications have been carried out in China (Hainan Island) with focus on disease agents, mainly Fusaria and Black Sigatoka. Over a period of 5 months, 20 spray applications were carried out on annual crops over an area of about 1 ha (2,800 plants), with the following results:

  • the spread of the disease was stopped in 90% of infested crops
  •  98% of new leaves were no longer infested 

The spray is ready for commercial use.  

Asian rice (Oryza sativa) 

This is one of the most important crops, especially in Asia, where it is the main agricultural crop. The key problems for its cultivation are water quality and moisture, which greatly affect the spread and infectiousness of diseases. 

Our tests using the environmentally-friendly and non-toxic spray applications have been carried out in China (Hainan Island) with focus on disease agents, mainly Fusaria, Rhizoctonia solani, and Pyricularia oryzae. Over a period of 3 months, 4 spray applications were carried out on fresh seedlings, and at the same time we applied water treatments using nanoparticles over an area of about 0.4 ha, with the following results:

  • no traces of diseases were detected in 97% of mature plants
  •  the remaining 3% were minimally infested

(Interesting fact – adjacent fields not treated by us showed 40-60% of infested plants). 

The spray is ready for commercial use. 

Grape vine (Blauer Portugieser, Sauvignon Blanc, Dornfelder) 

For the testing of grape vines, we chose different types of grape varieties differing in their susceptibility to diseases (Sauvignon Blanc or Dornfelder represent the standard susceptibility, compared to Blauer Portugieser, which is known for its high susceptibility to diseases).

Our tests using the environmentally-friendly and non-toxic spray applications have been carried out in South Moravia with focus on disease agents, mainly downy mildew, grey mould, and ESCA. Over a period of 3 years, an average of 8 spray applications per year were carried out on 10-year-old and older vines over an area of about 2 ha, with the following results:

  •  89% of grapes were free of infestation, 5% marginal infestation, 6% full infestation (values are averaged over a 3-year period)  
  • no new occurrence of ESCA was detected

The spray is ready for commercial use.  

The business opportunities for the non-toxic and environmental-friendly sprays for the above mentioned crops are a unique and exclusive chance with a very fast return on investment, within about 9 to 12 months according to our estimates.  

A very important fact that must not be forgotten is the ability of our products to significantly eliminate the impacts of chemical sprays. This concerns mainly improved soil quality thanks to inducing microbial balance, also water quality, thus increasing the efficiency of fertilization and reducing the volume of fertilizers with a consequent increase in production. By modifying the entire cultivation process of each crop, i.e. from pruning to the quality of watering, we are able to eliminate diseases and thus increase production by at least 10-15% compared to standard chemical sprays.

The benefits of our product include:

  • the ability to eliminate diseases caused by the activity of microorganisms
  • inability of pathogens to acquire resistance to the products
  • non-toxicity and positive effect on the environment
  • gradual establishment of microbial balance in the soil
  • natural humus regeneration with a high quality soil biome
  • increased water retention capacity of the soil  
  • gradual elimination of soil loss due to run-off
  • improvement of water quality
  • reduced amount of fertiliser used
  • increased yields
  • improved health of workers and people living near the plantations

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