About Us

We are a team of enthusiasts who care about the quality of water and soil on planet Earth. For this purpose, we established the New Human Academy z.ú. - a non-governmental, non-profit institute, and our purpose is to provide economically or socially useful activities aimed at improving the environment, especially water and soil healing using non-toxic technologies, and related research, testing, production, operation, education, publishing, advisory and consulting activities.

We mainly focus on

  • Activities related to improving the environment - healing of water and soil.
  • Performing testing, measurement, analysis and environmental technology checks.
  • Organising educational activities, conferences, courses, trainings and festivals.
  • Providing information services and publishing activities.
  • Support in connecting research activities, consulting activities and teaching at all types of schools and out-of-school educational facilities.

We implement tested, approved and certified technologies into practice through the parent company https://www.newhumansolution.com/en/