What are cookies?

Text files that websites store on your computer or mobile device when you start using the website.

  • First party cookies are cookies that are stored when you visit a website. They can then only be read by the website in question. In addition, websites can potentially use external services that also store their own cookies - so-called third-party cookies.
  • Persistent cookies are cookies that have been stored on your computer and are not automatically deleted when you close your browser - unlike temporary cookies, which are always deleted when you close your browser.

The time cookies are stored on the user's computer is determined by their nature. Some cookies are limited by the duration of the session (so-called session cookies). These cookies exist only while the web browser is running and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. Other cookies are persistent ("persistent cookies"). These cookies remain in the web browser after it has been closed until a specified date, or until they are manually deleted by the user. These cookies can be used to identify the administrator's computer when the web browser is restarted and the internet is browsed. Cookies do not affect the technical use of the computer and do not contain any viruses or other threats.

Consent to the use of cookies is not a prerequisite for visiting the website. When you visit our website, you have the option to either accept or decline the optional cookies. By clicking on "Accept all cookies" you accept all cookies, by clicking on "Reject all" you prevent the storage of optional cookies on your website. Technical cookies cannot be refused, the functionality of the website depends on them. Only technical cookies are stored before consent or non-consent. We use optional cookies to make anonymised various statistics concerning the browsing of our website by users and services for advertising purposes.

This website uses the following cookies and similar technologies.

Technical cookies

 cookiepermissionconsent to cookiessaves your cookie preferences (so the site doesn't ask you again and again)
 jpanesliders_panel-slidersslideshowholding the position of the current slide
 PHPSESSIDuse of the webmaintaining user context on the web
xDetectDevicedevice detectionbased on device findings, we adjust the design of the site to look right on all devices
xDetectBrowserbrowser detectionbased on browser findings, we adjust the design of the site to look right on all browser
recaptchaGoogle recaptchacollecting risk analysis data to determine the actual site visitor or robot
maps and locationdetecting the user's locationaccording to the user's choice

Optional cookies

We process your data in accordance with our privacy policy for the following purposes: visitor feedback in the form of analytical web usage statistics, storage or access to information on your device, content measurement, advertising and product development.