When the disease comes or Why ME?

Few of us understand illness as a gift, a message from the body and soul, who have already had "enough" of how we treat each other and how we take care of ourselves. Most people ask the same question: "Why did it happen to me? What did I do wrong? I have it for all the care and worry about others... etc. And that's exactly the turning point, and why disease comes…   

Diseases do not fall from heaven, nor are they a "punishment from God." Of course, there are viruses that can infect the body, but again, only if they have a breeding ground, if we allow them to do so with our mental and physical condition. Everything that happens to us is a consequence of our behaviour and actions. According to the law "both outside and inside" the body is a mirror of the soul. When the mental part is not in harmony, the body loses its balance. When we are angry inside, the body is naturally angry and it shows us through illness. Illness is a friend who warns us of "something", basically tells us “Change something, I will not suffer indefinitely, I want to feel good, help me…". Here is one fundamental rule: "The more we fear a disease, the more likely we are to get it, and the more we fight it, the more it gets worse." I am continually fascinated by our "human fight against disease". There is increasingly more said in the media "we are organising an action in the fight against cancer…, he won his fight against…, he won over…" etc. It seems to me something like "who from whom" and who wins, they are an example for others, how they bravely fight… Is it possible to fight the laws of space at all? Do you see how meaningless this is?

The fact is that the disease was caused by the person themselves and that it is a "gift" for them to change themselves and improve their current life, relationship to themselves and others. Instead of being inspired by the positive examples of people who have understood and changed, we fight… When it comes to children's illness, it usually comes to change "something" in the whole family. If we understand its message, it will leave alone. Because it is not supposed to hurt us, it's here for friendship. It wants to indicate to us that we are to change, that we have stopped in spiritual development, that instead of taking care of others, we must take care mainly of ourselves. Recently, a mother came to us with a sick child. It turned out that the biggest topic of the two-year-old girl's illness is her mother. The words, "but it's not about me, just let the little one recover", clearly indicated the woman's self-sacrifice and forgetfulness of herself and her needs. How can a tired, malnourished and mentally exhausted mother give love, calm, harmonious care to her child? Fortunately, the woman understood very quickly and the little girl recovered. Illness is not the enemy, but the messenger. In fact, there are no diseases, only sick people!

Is disease "good" or "bad"?

Behind every disease, whether it is a cold or cancer, there is a message, a message from the body and soul. Illness does not want us to fight it, but to understand what it is telling us and to change our thinking and actions. If we take it with love for ourselves, we will start to take care of ourselves properly, we will correct our thinking, then the disease fulfilled its role and we are healing. But what does "the hidden message from the soul" mean? And how to handle it? Here are some simple practical examples:

For example, take the ears - how many times do we hear the sentences: "I can't listen to it anymore!" "In one ear, and out of the other". Most of them are staunch and spiritually immobile people. Hearing loss can also be a reaction to extreme noise around us, or to constant screaming, arguments in a partnership, etc.    

Let's look at the eyes, we use them to see the world and the beauty around us. If they don't work, we need to ask what we don't want to see or what upsets us so much that we don't want to see the true essence of things? The words, "love is blind," "we look through rose-tinted glasses," or "we can't see the forest for the trees," reflect the fact that we don't see things as they are, that we create barriers to "blindness" so that we don't have to deal with "it."

When we suffer from a skin disease, we should ask ourselves a question about our uniqueness and ability to get closer to others "to get under the skin". When we have a cold, let's ask, "Why are our souls crying? What don't we understand?" The nose is the gateway to our inner self, consciousness…, and so we could go on. 

If we talk about the mental causes of disease, it is necessary to emphasise the fact that an integral part of healing is the correct setting of the body's metabolic processes. As they say " a healthy spirit is in a healthy body".  

WATER plays a very important role in matters of health or disease of the body. Water is the most important component of the human body, making up more than 95% of all molecules in the human body. Other molecules, such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fats, etc., are represented in the body by less than 5% of molecules.

Most people deal mainly with the above-mentioned up to 5% and often forget about the most important and largest part of the human body - the quality of water used and received.

Washing and showering form a substantial part of the water intake, which is absorbed by the skin into the body. It is therefore absolutely necessary to be aware of the fact that more than 70% of all substances contained in water enter this way directly into the bloodstream, and subsequently into all organs in the body ...

Let's take care of our bodies as we take care of our houses, cars, gardens ... let's invest in our health and development, because it is the only thing we take with us, we leave everything else here...

Author: Alena Čermáková - Co-founder and Director of New Human Academy z.ú.